Transfer money or receive money transferred to the wrong account Don't worry, there is a solution.

Transfer money or receive money transferred to the wrong account Don't worry, there is a solution.​

         Regardless, you are the ones who transfer the wrong money ourselves. Or someone transferred the wrong money to you. Should you transfer the money back? Or who should you contact? Let’s see.


What should you do when you transfer money to the wrong account?

         If it’s an acquaintance, it shouldn’t be a problem or be able to get money back without much action. But if an unknown person or someone else is unfamiliar with you, what should you do?

  1. From the start, contact the bank to ask what documents are required.
  2. The bank will inform you of the process that needs to be followed and what evidence or documents to confirm that we actually transferred the money to the wrong account. And each bank may require different documents. But what we need to prepare is information on the date, time, and amount of the transaction; the wrong number and name of the account we transferred to; a copy of the ID card; a transaction slip; a police report; etc.
  3. When the process is done, the bank is aware of the problem. The bank will be the coordinator to contact the destination account to give consent to transfer the money back.

In the event that the transferee agrees to return the money,

The bank will transfer the same amount of money to your account.

In the event that the transferee refuses to refund or cannot be contacted,

you can report to the police. to issue a legal order for the transferee’s bank to freeze the account or disclose account information to the police for further legal action.

What should I do when I receive money transferred to the wrong account?

It can happen in 2 cases: it’s actually a wrong transfer or it’s a scammer. What should be done is

  1. When someone contacts you and tells you that the transfer was wrong, you should check first to make sure that it was transferred from the correct bank. Or is it really a bank? Is the date and time information exactly the same as the transfer? 

  2. Note: If it’s a real bank, they tend to “give information” Rather than ask for our own information.

  3. We should contact the bank by ourselves to verify the information to be sure that the transfer is really wrong and not a scammer.

  4. Importantly, you should not transfer money back to them by yourself. The bank should withdraw the money and transfer it back to the account holder. to protect ourselves from scammers.

        However, before transferring money, you should check the information thoroughly before transferring. And if there is money transferred into our account without knowing the source, it may be that someone has made the wrong transfer. And you shouldn’t spend that money. To safeguard yourself.

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