Understand yourself better with ‘DISC Personality’

People have different habits and personalities, but living together with a large crowd needs to adapt and adjust how to work together. This time, ACUPay will bring you to know yourself and others better with the ‘DISC Personality’. It will definitely work if you apply to use it in your life.

What is DISC Personality?

DISC Personality is a personality test about the four types of people’s characteristics and how they work in 4 groups: D (Dominance), I (Influence), S (Steadiness), and C (Compliance). It is compared to all four animals or four-directional animals: bull, eagle, rat, and bear. The fact that we know ourselves from animals in four directions will help us understand our strengths and weaknesses, and also to know more about the identity of people around us.

North: Bull (Dominance)

Keyword: Highly confident/ Decisive/ Unlikely to be in the frame

Character: People who like to work with challenges and often make decisions quickly, have high self-confidence, and don’t like being forced or following too many rules. The Bull is decisive, likes speed, and dislikes working with a lot of procedural systems.

Strengths: The Bull has the leadership and is ready to deal with every situation, and all kinds of conflicts, openly challenging the power and ready to protect others, and living together as a group.

Cautions: Being quick to make decisions can always be a little careless, error-prone, and highly confidence often followed by ego, so try to slow your life down for a little bit. Be patient and listen to other people’s warnings or suggestions.

Working with the Bull: Need to get straight to the point, schedule the work frame, and clearly state the results you want. The way to get the result will depend on them.

East: Eagle (Influence)

Keyword: Creative / Optimistic / Good human relations

Character: These people are people who like to be social, and optimistic, always brighten up the mood, make their colleagues fun, and will be very enthusiastic. They often care about everything and want to do everything until sometimes they don’t have a clear goal because they are interested in everything but usually not for long. They are highly independent people who don’t like to do repetitive things.

Strengths: Creators have new ideas different from other groups, are well-rounded, are good at connecting, have good human relationships, adapt easily, and are always enthusiastic.


Cautions: There is often a big picture in their head but a lack of detail. There are many interests at the same time, which makes them rarely prioritize what should be done before and after. Often cannot control time management and easily get bored.

Working with the Eagle: Gain a common understanding of expected outcomes, help them define their work processes and set a clear framework for delivering tasks, especially complex tasks. Although they are very good at visualizing the big picture, they have a weakness in detail.

South: Rat (Steadiness)

Keyword: Good listener/ Wise, work step by step

Character: This group is concerned with feelings and emotions. They love calmness, calmness, consistency, flexibility according to situations, and wisdom. They like the stages of work and are considered the best colleagues to join the team. When there is a problem, these people tend to act as coordinators as glue and compromise the problems.

Strengths: They are calm, caring for the people around them, good listeners, intelligent and methodical.

Cautions: Since these people don’t like chaos, they like to live in their own safe zone, and they don’t like conflict, they don’t like sudden change so people tend to see them as tired people, not developing themselves, like sticking to the same old thing.

Working with the Rat: Give them time to adjust and explain what steps to take, especially in new tasks they’ve never done before. There may be examples of data documents for them to get back and review. Regularly follow up on the result to help them ensure that they work as needed and as planned

West: Bear (Compliance)

Keyword:  Follow the rules/ Perfectionist/ Like justice

Character: These people are number one analysts and perfectionists. They often have a habit of planning before doing anything and must be procedural, and thoughtful. They are observant, like complicated things and everything needs to be perfect. They are always a forward-thinking group to assess the risk that may occur and like to analyze data.

Strengths: They’re very thoughtful, well-planned, logical thinking, and work step-by-step, assess risk, and analyze probability in advance.


Cautions: Many people may see this group as being too picky because they have to plan perfectly in every inch of their lives. They can miss some good opportunities, and sometimes they should take some risks because being overly paranoid can also be a disadvantage.

Working with the Bear: You should clearly explain the reasons for the assignment, and take into account the accuracy, precision of what they expect, and quality standards. Emphasis should be placed on the timing of work submission because these groups tend to miss work submission on time because work is not complete according to their standards.

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