What is the difference between the house owner and the host in the house registration?

When we buy a house or a condominium, one thing that everybody has to follow is the law about the house registration whether moving in, birth report, and death report. Also, there is a question about the differences between the house owner and the host in the house registration. This time, ACU PAY will answer this question for you.

The House Owner Vs The Host

The House Owner

This person is the owner of the property who has a name in the title deed. The house owner has the right to sell – buy or transfer the property to anyone, is in charge of civil and commercial law, and responsible for important issues when he/she is the owner of the property. Having a name in the house registration for at least 1 year will benefit the house owner ranging from pushing the tax burden and managing taxes on land and buildings.

The Host

This person is the head of the house as owner, tenant, etc., who is responsible for following the Civil Registration Act, 2534 B.E., including birth – death report, relocation, asking for a house number, or other matters related to the house. The duty of the host can be summarized as follows;

  • Birth report
  • Death report
  • Moving in / out report
  • Building a new house or house demolition
  • Asking for a house number

The birth report, moving in/out, building a new house or house demolition, or asking for a house number must be reported within 15 days. The death report must be reported within 24 hours from the time of death or the time the dead body was found. If the host fails to follow, the host has to pay a fine of 1,000 baht.

In this regard, if the host is unavailable to report by himself/herself, he/she can authorize members of the house to report to the official. The official will specify that the authorized person is the house caretaker on behalf of the host. In addition, if there is no host’s name in the house registration or the host is dead, the house caretaker can be the host of the house.

The differences between the house owner and the host

The host acts like a registrar who is responsible for the birth report, death report, moving in / out, and also a representative of the house to coordinate when some matters happen and the host will tell the resident such as the water is not running or there is a blackout. The host in the house registration does not have to be the house owner. 

However, if the host is discontent with members in the house and would like to expel that person from the house and delist that person’s name from the house registration, the host does not have any right to do so unless the house owner and the host are the same person. The host will have the right to list his/her name in and out, either living on his/her own or renting, and only related to the Civil Register, but will not have the right to own a house.

Why can’t we be the host in every house that we own?

The reason why the owner who owns more than 1 house cannot be the host of all the houses is because it has been specified that 1 person can have only one hometown in the Civil Registration Law. Since the house owner can be the host for 1 house, the house owner has to appoint other people as the host to take care of the moving in and moving out of members of that house.

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