Which Online Gold Saving Application is better?

“Online Gold Saving” is a new way to buy gold for new generations. It is a way to purchase gold not at once in the total price but collect money little by little until it reaches the right amount to buy gold. You can trade the gold in Online Gold Saving App to get the real gold at the gold shop. Gold Saving is like investing by speculation of gold with a different price. Today, ACU will recommend the online gold saving application to you. 

1.YGL Group website

It is a convenient way to buy gold without wasting time going to the gold shop. YGL Gold Saving has decided to open an online platform to save gold at  www.ylggoldsaving.com. Here are the documents used to verify users’ identity.

  • ID Card
  • a copy of the house registration with your signature
  • A bank account passbook
  • Face scanning to verify your identity.

YGL Gold will have 2 types of gold saving. The first one is Daily Saving which starts at 100 baht with the self-saving mode. You can select the date and time to save the gold for everyday or for every other day. You can top-up the savings and time for each day. The second way is Monthly Saving which starts at 1,000 baht. It will automatically be deducted from the bank account. You can set the date of the bill and Monthly Saving can be done together with Daily Saving. 

Highlights of YGL Gold

  • It open 24 hours per day for trading 
  • It will take 1 business day to withdraw.
  • You can save both 999.99% pure gold and 96.5% pure Gold

2.Hua Seng Heng

The popular gold shop for more than 70 years. The minimum price to save gold is 1,000 baht. There are 2 types of gold saving. One is Indulgent Savings, in which you can choose the date and time, and also the price of the gold. Another one is Monthly Saving which is automatically deducted from the bank account once a month. You do not have to worry about what day you have to save gold, also you can adjust the amount of money that will be deducted from the bank account.

Highlights of Hua Seng Heng

  • You can withdraw in cash or in gold
  • The minimum weight of gold must be 1 dime
  • You can receive money immediately without waiting.
  • There is an app for observing gold saving and gold trading.

3.MTS (MTS Gold Blockchain : MGB)

Online Gold Saving with Blockchain technology to assure the security of information and build stability for investors. Gold savings start from 150 baht or 0.1 gram of gold. You can transfer your gold to the member in the MTS platform too. You can trade the savings in your MBG for real gold at 5 branches of MTS.

Highlights of MTS

  • You can do gold saving anytime.
  • The minimum weight of gold to withdraw is 0.5 gram
  • 24 hours trading time

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