Thailand and Saudi Arabia Restore “Companionship”

Do you know? Thailand and Saudi Arabia had been in an incompatible relationship for 32 years! However, there is a dispatch that Thailand and Saudi Arabia’s relationship is getting better in 2023. If Thailand has Saudi Arabia as a company, it will have a good effect on the economy, trade and labor for both countries. 

Trace back to the relationship of Thailand and Saudi Arabia in the past 32 years

32 years ago there was a rumor that the Blue Diamond, a large and flawless diamond which is one of the properties of Saudi Arabia, was missing. Saudi Arabia sent a diplomat to inquire about the missing diamond, however, there was no progress at all. There was a rumor that Thailand had decided to return the diamond back to Saudi Arabia but it turned out that the diamond was fake. Also the diplomat who was sent to Thailand was murdered and pretended like it was an international political issue that caused the murder. These incidents made Saudi Arabia feel a lot of resentment. Later on, Saudi Arabia decided to send another diplomat to Thailand just to be killed again which worsened the relationship between Thailand and Saudi Arabia. Even though the diamond thief was arrested and sent to Saudi Arabia, the diamond was still missing.

Saudi Arabia is a leading country that is dominant over Muslim countries and also the country with the most oil-rich country in the world. The labor market of Saudi Arabia is important. Mecca and Medina in Saudi Arabia are landmarks for Muslim to join the Hajj ceremony once in a lifetime, including Thai muslims. Thailand has an intention to make a good relationship with Saudi Arabia again. Thailand used to earn a lot of income from being the country that sent the most amount of workers to work in Saudi Arabia 20 years ago before the robbery. Even though Thailand still has a feud with Saudi Arabia, the vision in 2023 of Saudi Arabia is the opportunity for the ministry of labor to expand the Thai labor market. This is because Saudi Arabia has a lot of new projects to do, and the major company decided to invest in Saudi Arabia.

Thailand and Saudi Arabia restore companionship again.

On 25th January 2022, the Prime Minister of Thailand had visited Riyadh according to the invitation of His Royal Highness Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, the Crown Prince and Minister of Defense of Saudi Arabia. It was the first meeting of  two government leaders for the first time in 32 years.  Both sides intend to work together to clear up all the past pending issues and bring back a normal relationship between Thailand and Saudi Arabia. Also restore the companionship for better economic opportunities which will be a huge benefit for the country and people.

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