7 Popular Animal Cafe

Those who would like to go to cafes and are animal lovers such as dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, raccoons, camels, or even capybara, should not miss this content! Today, ACU PAY would like to present 7 cafes that have a variety of animals for you to go and spend your time with. If you’re ready, 1..2..3.. let’s go!

1. Blue Gold Coffee

You can find anything you need here at this cafe whether food, drinks, or exotic animals such as Eurasian lynx, capybara, raccoons, and camels. Highlights of this cafe is civet coffee and there are also a variety of coffee beans for you to choose from. Coffee lovers should not miss this cafe! For anyone who is looking for a place to sip coffee, take a picture, play with animals, and be easy to go to, this cafe is very recommended.  

Address: 780, Pradit Manutham rd, Nawamin Subdistrict, Bueng Kum District, Bangkok

Coordinates: https://goo.gl/maps/7vdoE1nXyCq8DRCW7 

Business hours: 08.00 am. – 06.00 pm. (Mini Zoo Zone: 11.00 am. – 05.00 pm.)

2. Little Zoo Cafe

Little Zoo cafe is a cafe consisting of Cafe Zone (Little Zoo Cafe) and Outdoor Zone (Little Zoo Garden). This cafe has a lot of animals such as racoons, foxes, meerkats, birds, rabbits, and capybaras. Besides animals, this cafe provides delicious food, desserts, and drinks for you to enjoy while playing with animals.

Price for each zone is 450 baht/ 790 baht for 2 zone

Children price for each zone is 390 baht/ 690 baht for 2 zone

Little Zoo Cafe: PEOPLE PARK COMMUNITY project, Sukhumvit rd, Bangkok

Coordinates: https://maps.app.goo.gl/YztPJV6WXVJb8gHbA

3.Axotic Cafe, Lat Phrao area

  • Axotic Cafe is divided into 2 zones, a cafe zone that provides food and drinks and a playing with dogs zone. This cafe will be favored by dog lovers. Anyone who is looking for a dog cafe should come to this  cafe!

    Entrance fee: 180 baht for adults and 90 baht for kids ages 4-10 years old. (An adult can take a kid under 10 years old to enter for free)

    Address: AXOTIC CAFE, Lat Phrao 71, Sukonthasawat Road

    Coordinates: https://maps.app.goo.gl/MVHTBXxHzY843nHg7

    Business hours: 10.30 am. – 08.00 pm. (closed every Tuesday)

4. Dog in town

A dog cafe near BTS Ari Station which is so convenient to go to. This cafe is decorated in white tone which contrasts with the soft brown color from wooden furniture. It will make you feel like you are in a dog cafe in Japan. You will get pictures of those dogs beautifully. Apart from the cuteness of dogs, there is a variety of nice food and drinks.

Entrance fee: 350 baht for adults with 1 drink for free/ children under 100 cm. in height can enter for free. 

Address: BTS Ari Station, Exit 3 (go to Soi Ari 3)

Coordinates: https://maps.app.goo.gl/9sHzq5GQUs8J31Fy8

Business hours: 11.00 am. – 08.00 pm.

5. TrueLove at Neverland

TrueLove at Neverland is both a cafe and a dog farm with a lot of Siberian Husky dogs. This place is recommended for those who particularly love this breed of dogs. You will love this place for sure. 

Entrance fee: 350 with 1 drink and 1 bottle of water for free

Address: 153, Soi Ari Samphan, Phaya Thai Subdistrict, Phaya Thai District, Bangkok

Coordinates: https://maps.app.goo.gl/LevdxFQX1zkGQTEA6

6. Big Dog Cafe, Wang Thonglang

This is like a paradise for dog lovers. There are a lot of activities for your dog to do such as swimming. There is also food and drinks for you to enjoy while watching your dog doing activities. 

Address: 358 21, Soi Ruamnamjai, intersection 2, Khlong Chaokhun Sing Subdistrict, Wang Thonglang District, Bangkok 10310.

Entrance fee: 199+ baht

Coordinates: 10.00 am. – 08.00 pm. (closed every Wednesday)

7. The Pet Castle

Bangsaen pet cafe! This cafe is decorated as a big cute castle. It’s the biggest cafe in Bangsaen. There are 5 zones in this cafe; Dog Zone, Cat Zone, Bird Zone, Rabbit Zone, and Carp pond. If you do not know where to go on weekends, you should come to this cafe. 

There are 2 types of Entrance fee; 

The first package: 149 baht per person with 1 drink free and,

The second package: 99 baht per person without a drink **Kids under 90 cm in height can enter for free. 

Address: Khao Lam Road, on the way to Bangsaen beach, Mueang district, Chonburi

Coordinates: https://maps.app.goo.gl/ZTPordTKv9reQHnG

Business hours: Tuesday – Sunday from 10.00 am. – 07.00 pm. (closed every Monday)

How’s it going with the seven cafes with different animal species? Aren’t they all cute? If you want to go on a trip to see cute animals on holidays but don’t know where to go, you can go to these cafes that ACU PAY recommends! Please send me pictures of those animals.

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