Consistency; A Key to Every Succeed

Many people would like to succeed in studying, job, finance and love but not everyone can succeed in any of those matters if they lack the most important key which is ‘consistency’ or regularly doing something daily. Why does consistency help us achieve our goals the most? Let’s read this article together.

Why is consistency important?

When we are determined to achieve the most desired goal, we are willing to do everything in our power to make that wish come true and this consistency is going to be a constant source of progress for us. We may not be a smart person at first, but if we keep trying, we’ll master that, just like we deposit money monthly, causing compound interest and continuing to have more money. As long as we stick to our goals and don’t hesitate, we’ll definitely get close to our goal faster.

‘Inspiration’ is not last as long as ‘Consistency’

Inspiration is a good thing which is often the beginning of goals, because it makes us feel like we want to do something. Nevertheless, inspiration is often just a temporary feeling, and only relying on inspiration to do something will be like a rollercoaster ride that goes up and down according to our mood, and desires.

In other words, consistency is like stepping up a ladder, forcing us to keep doing that every day, keeping track of it all the time, even though we don’t like it very much, but when we get started it’s not as bad as we thought.

Techniques on how to effectively do continuously

  • Only think about things to do for today and for now

The first technique is to restart your thoughts, and start thinking only about ‘we do it today, or we do it for now.’ Maybe the reason people don’t do things continuously is because we look forward too much which causes discouragement.

For example, we set our goal of exercising every day for an hour, but today we feel tired and don’t want to work out. Let’s push ourselves to do it for five or 10 minutes. Sometimes after a while, the body starts getting better, and we can continue working out for an hour according to our goal.

But if we think about the future of today’s one-hour run, we don’t want to keep doing it, just knowing how to think, life has changed.

  • Make target smaller

Instead of setting a long-term goal of 1 year, 3 years, or five years, you may try focusing only for 90 days first and divide it into two weeks. This reduces the burden by focusing only on where the goal will be within two weeks to achieve the big goal, rather than worrying about when it will be achieved in two years. 

We often hear that when setting a goal, it needs to be set big. However, in practical terms, dividing it into small goals will help us not to be discouraged, and can keep going until the big goal is achieved.

  • Schedule an operation period

Tony Robbins once said, “If it’s not scheduled, it’s not real.” which means that if you don’t define a target, then that target doesn’t exist.  Thus, for the goal to be effective, we should set up a working calendar so that we know what we will do on that day or in that week. In addition, we can adjust conveniently depending on our performance in the next issue.

  • Take notes of work

Taking note of performance is considered a part of the consistency as well, such as spending 5-10 minutes each night reviewing goals and achievements each day. At the end of every week, let’s write a review of where we spend our time, and what work is achieved the most so that we can make better adjustments to next week’s schedule.

  • Reward yourself

Recharging ourselves with rewards after accomplishing a certain goal will give us more encouragement. May take on short trips, and eat delicious food. No matter the size of the achieved goal is small, medium, or large, we should celebrate and reward ourselves.

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