Depression; must be watched out before the loss.

Depression is not something that you can make fun of. It is a cause that can lead to death and a various way of suicide. There are a lot of study case online about suicide because of depression. Nevertheless, do you know that if you first know that you have symptoms, you can go to a doctor and heal it? Let’s get to know more about depression, shall we?

The Causes of Depression

Depression is a near and silent threat that has become very common in society, and there are many people in the world who are suffering alone from depression. Although some people have some knowledge of depression, there are also many who do not understand it. What are factors that cause people to suffer from diseases like depression?

  1. Depression caused by stress: It’s the leading cause of depression. Even if you’ve never had a relative suffer from depression, stress can cause depression to you as well. It’s caused by stress accumulation, whether it’s studying, working, or commenting on social media, and even overthinking can cause us to be stressed until there are chemical abnormalities found in the brain that brain cells create to maintain emotional balance.
  2. Depression caused by a traumatic incident: For example, a major loss of someone they love, the change in society and the saying of other people that make them uncomfortable can lead to depression.
  3. Depression caused by parenting: This requires care from people around them because they cannot be proud of themselves or do not have confidence in themselves. They usually see themselves and this world in a pessimistic way or get stressed out easily when they have to face hardships in their lives. These factors mentioned above are the causes of depression. For example, the news of students jumping off the building in which many cases happen because they feel pressure from others’ expectation in themselves. When they cannot do what other people expect them to do, they do not feel proud of themselves, causing them stress and leading to loss.

How to treat depression

1. Drug treatment for depression

Currently, depression treatment can be divided into several groups. And consulting with a doctor to treat depression is not a shame. If treated in the beginning stage, it tends to recover faster without using a large amount of medicine. Let’s see what chemical structural characteristics are and how they act?

  • Tricyclic Group (A drug with three-circled chemical structures)
  • Monoamine oxidase inhibitors or MAOI
  • SSRI group (Serotonin-Specific Reuptake Inhibitor)

2. Mental treatment for depression patients

Another approach is to talk to a psychiatrist, which will help patients understand the causes of the problem and lead to solutions. It is recommended by a psychiatrist that changing their perspective will cause satisfaction. The other is to talk to people around them and adjust their senses, thoughts, and behaviors by maintaining a common problem-solving style, making them realize that they are not alone by changing their minds.

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