Did you know that Thai Instant Noodles are not allowed to be brought to Taiwan?

Everybody, the country is open!! Prepare your passports, costumes, and money, and be ready to hang out! Anyone who has plans to visit Taiwan, Taipei, can’t miss this content with “Did you know that Thai Instant Noodles are not allowed to be brought to Taiwan?” Let’s take a look at the reason why Instant Noodles are prohibited and the laws that we should know before visiting Taiwan.

Is it true that we are not allowed to bring instant noodles to Taiwan?

Yes, it is true. This is because Taiwan has announced that “Thailand pork and pork products are strictly prohibited from being imported into Taiwan.” The Central Emergency Operations Center (CEOC) has issued a warning that if Thai pork imports are detected, they will face fines of at least NTD 200,000 or USD7,218 (THB 200,000) following the anti-African swine fever prevention measures which are now spreading in Thailand. In addition, workers in Taiwan who are caught bringing meat products without informing their authorities will be punished by fines and revocation of work permits, and repatriation.

The reason for not allowing meat imported from Thailand

This is because Taiwan’s Tainan Post Office found Chinese Pork Sausages sent from Thailand that contaminated African swine fever or ASF. However, Taiwan’s criminal offense carries a maximum penalty of 7 years in prison or a fine of up to NTD 3 million or USD 108,342 (approximately 3 million baht). In case foreigners are incapable of paying the fine, they will be banned from entering Taiwan and immediately repatriated. Although it is not contagious between humans and animals, it is considered a disease that affects the economy and industry. Currently, there are no vaccines available to prevent and protect 100 percent of this disease.

The laws that we should know before visiting Taiwan.

  1. Do not take pictures of others without permission.
  2. No smoking, chewing gum, and dumping garbage on the floor. Especially if you smoke in a train station, you may be fined NTD 1,500-1,700 or around 1,800 baht in Thai currency.
  3. Do not dress impolitely, or inappropriately at the place, as it may cause you to miss your visit and is also disrespectful to the place.
  4. Do not bring all medicines to the city, even Paracetamol, or a combination of PPA or Phenylpropanolamine, which is a prohibited drug in Taiwan that affects the mind and nerves.

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