Get to know ‘ThaID’ electronic ID card which makes Thais’ life easier.

Apart from entering the cashless society, Thais also pay attention to paperless society and tend to upload information into the online world, especially the Government sector. Right now, Thai people do not have to carry their ID card because Thais can use Digital ID via ThaID app to verify one’s self to the officer. 

The ThaiID application’s operating system will display digital identification images both in front of the card and behind the card to be used for digital verification and authentication (Digital ID) as well as digital Face Verification Systems. When we access services from the public or private sectors that require authentication, we can log in to the ThaiID application without wasting time since 10 January 2023.

For anyone who doesn’t know, when you travel inside the country, we can submit identification documents via the ‘ThaiD’ app or electronic form and show the Boarding Pass to authorities to check and confirm persons entering restricted areas, controlled areas, or airport air zones which is according to the Electronic Public Service Act B.E. 2565 Section 14.

What can the ThaID app do?

Apart from the app can be used instead of ID cards, within the app, there are many different types of functions related to the government system, such as

1. Online registration by the Department of Provincial Administration such as using digital ID instead of a real ID card, checking user’s personal information, notifying the relocation by one’s self, entrusting new home building (asking for a home number), and certifying documents by one’s self.

2. Online Tax Filing by the Revenue Department

3. Health Link System by Government Big Data Institute – GBDi

4. Online adoption application system by Department of Children and Youth

5. Children money application by Department of Children and Youth

6. The initiative process system by The Secretariat of The House of Representatives

7. Electronic collection file system by Thailand Professional Qualification Institute

8. DIP e-services system by Department of Intellectual Property

9. SEIS system by Office of the Civil Service Commission

10. License plate number reservation system via internet by Department of Land Transport

11. LandsMaps system by the Department of Lands, Private sector services, including digital ID instead of ID cards with domestic airlines, as well as electronic financial transactions such as buying bitcoin.

12. Health book (New)

13. Admission system of Khon Kaen University (New)

14. Electronic Administrative case system of administrative court (New)

Security system of ThaID Application

Convenience is often at risk of being a victim of criminals. The app has established information security standards starting from a notification whenever data access is requested and the 8-digit code must be entered correctly. When the app is registered, only one phone can be used. If the new phone is registered successfully, the old one will be terminated immediately. Jailbreak phones will not be able to use ThaiID.

For anyone who does not want to carry an ID Card or want to add more convenience in life, download the ThaID application on both IOS system and Android system.

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