Gold Saving, a new alternative of investment

If you think about an asset that no matter how volatile it is, there is no effect on its value and the price continues to rise, you may think of nothing but gold. Therefore many people choose to invest in gold, but it is quite hard for us to purchase gold at once due to its high price. Nowadays, there is an alternative investment called Gold Saving which you can trade easily via your smartphone. Why is Gold Saving good? ACU PAY will explain it to you.

What is Gold Saving?

Gold Saving is the purchase of gold by gradually accumulating gold weight little by little. You can start purchasing with the minimum amount of money as specified from hundreds to thousands. When the accumulated weight of gold meets the conditions as agreed, real gold can be exchanged. Mostly, you can exchange for real gold when accumulating 1 gram onward according to the conditions of each store.

At present, gold savings do not have to walk to deposit money at gold shops as before, but can be done via famous gold store applications such as Mae ThongSuk GOLD NOW from Huo Shengheng.

What is the difference between Gold Saving and Gold Installment?

Gold saving can change the amount of savings and can take a break from saving as well. There is no limit on how many months and days to save gold. All you have to do is accumulate the minimum weight of gold as scheduled until it reaches the conditions. This is suitable for people who are not rushed and want to spread the risk

Gold installment requires more discipline because the amount of money and how many times to pay installment are specified, including the date of receiving gold is clearly stated. You can lock the price of gold as agreed in the first place. It is suitable for people who want to pay installments without bearing the risk of the price of gold fluctuating all the time.

What are the benefits of Gold Saving?

Nowadays, you can choose to do gold saving daily or monthly, choose the amount of money and date that you want to save gold as you want. If it is inconvenient for you to do gold saving, you can take a break. It is not necessary to consistently do the saving. If you would like to save more gold, you can adjust the amount of your money for saving as well. There is no limit on how many months and days to save gold, just accumulate the weight of gold until it reaches the specified amount. 

The benefits of gold saving: It is suitable for people who want to invest or speculate by using gold as an asset or want to do savings in a form of gold. At present, customers can withdraw or trade via the application at any time when the price is good. They don’t have to travel to gold shops as before. It suits the lifestyle of new generations. 

Once the savings are completed, you can trade them for cash from the difference in your initial purchase or choose gold bars and then sell them in the future and make a profit in the long run.

The benefits of gold saving are quite different from other types of investments, which are not very complicated, and suitable for new investors who are interested in investing and strengthening their savings discipline.


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