High heels weren’t made for women!

High heels are something that make women more confident in themselves.  In modern times, the shapes of high heels are also available in a variety. Although those who live their lives with high heels are women, why aren’t high heels made for women like us? Today, ACU PAY will take you to take a look at the story of high heels together.

The 15th Centuries; I am not born for beauty

Originally, high heels were made for the safety of men when they were horse riding. The 15th century is the era where you have to travel by riding a horse. However, the problem that often occurred was their feet were out of the stirrup which was very dangerous because the riders could fall from the horses. Thus, Persian cavalry designed shoes that looked similar to cowboy boots but had high heels for about 1-1.5 inches to prevent the foot out of the stirrup. High heels were made for safety, taste, bravery, and modernness.

The first women who wore high heels

In 1553, Catherine de’ Medici was the first woman who wore high heels. Since she was only 150 centimeters tall, she wished to be taller to match with her Fiancé. Thus, she wore high heels at her wedding. Since these were high heels for women, the shoe heels were designed to be more slender than heels for men. Nevertheless, it is not popular because high heels were not suitable for work at that time. Not so long after that, people started to wear the shoes as before.

The 16th Centuries; HIgh heels were high just like their name

In 1599, this is the era when Persian soldiers had entered Europe because of war, as well as high heels. When Louis XIV and the aristocrats saw it, they were put on some high heels as well. As a result,  high heels are used as a social status indicator. Wearing high heels also has a rule governing the height of high heels to show class and dynasty power.

The 17th Centuries; You’re high, but I’m higher

In this era, heels were very popular among prostitute women. Apert from heels, women also wore other men’s clothing as well. Soon, heels were popular for low class people. The upper class would not be inferior to the lower class, so they made their heels higher to make a difference and show that they were more stable about their financial status. There was also a clear definition of the type of high heels. Those that had thinner heels were for women and those that had thicker heels were for men.

The 18th Centuries; Heels were not as popular as before

In this era, the trend of heels had deteriorated dramatically. With difficult urban conditions, the expression of wealth was inappropriate, and people were poor, so heels were not popular.

At that time, the English government also issued a law to prohibit women from wearing heels and those who wore heels would get legal penalties equivalent to being a witch because not only the upper class but there were also the prostitute women who loved to wear heels. However, this law was not very effective.

The 20th Centuries; Cameras and the comeback of high heels

In this era, communication and advertising began to come in. There was a photographer who took a picture of a young woman who almost left her body bare and wearing high heels and published it, bringing back the popularity of high heels. In addition to women who consumed pictures of sexy women, it was very popular among the military because this was during World War II. They often hang posters of sexy young women who wore high heels in their rooms to comfort their minds from war. The role and function of high heels changed, and it turned out that they were meant for the seduction and charm of young women.

The meaning and importance of heels vary from era to era, starting with the purpose of safety in horseback riding, later it became the social status indicator, then became a period of decline and illegal for women until the advertising era that brought high heels back into popularity. Nowadays, high heels are in many different roles. May you enjoy dressing and know the manner of occasion “My Body, My Choice”

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