Is breakfast really important or just marketing?

In a certain era, we believed that breakfast was food for our brain. We have this belief from childhood to adulthood that breakfast is necessary and very important. Those who do not like to have breakfast always get scolded by their parents that ‘Can you study well if you are not having breakfast’ or ‘Can you do your job properly if you do not eat breakfast.’ However, is breakfast really important or is it just marketing? Today, ACU PAY will take you to find out about this together!

Is breakfast really important?

We live with the belief that breakfast is necessary and important. Not having breakfast is wrong and will make you unhealthy. However, a recent survey found that many Thais don’t eat breakfast for different reasons such as having no time, not feeling hungry, saving up money, or waking up too late to have breakfast.

There is a study which is a medical study of the nutritional conditions of about 60,000 Americans between the ages of 20 and 74 from 1971 to 2010, the total of the study is almost 40 years, and found that 25% of the population who did not eat breakfast are still healthy and not sick. Therefore, young researchers are asking if there is any disadvantage for people who do not eat breakfast.

Many studies show that eating breakfast will prevent you from getting fat and help reduce the risk of diseases such as diabetes, and heart disease. However, those are studies that arise from observation only and are not serious experimental studies. Thus, there is still no confirmation that eating breakfast will make you healthy. However, in 2014, a Japanese nutritionist has shown that breakfast does not affect the rate of energy metabolism, which shows that skipping breakfast does not affect our fatness or weight. The study also says breakfast increases our appetite for lunch and can eat lunch more for about 30%

Sin of breakfast

In the 13th centuries, having breakfast was sinful and impure. In this era, religion is very influential. People take religious doctrines seriously. In Catholic science, there is a sin of fast eating, which means eating breakfast too fast which symbolizes the sin of gluttony. (Gluttony is one of the Seven Deadly Sins of Catholicism)

In addition to religion, there are also class matters involved. The upper class would not eat until noon because most of those who ate breakfast were laborers. Having breakfast means “poor,” or another meaning of breakfast is a weakness because they cannot endure until lunch. In this regard, children, the elderly, and the sick are exceptions and can have breakfast.

Who said that breakfast is important?

The saying “Breakfast is the best meal of the day” was first made in 1944 through radio media to be used for breakfast commercials such as Cereals that just add milk and it would be ready to eat, written by Mr. “Shavi Kramer” (but the story of cereal has been there since 1829) In addition to the cereal with the commercial phrase, there are also breakfast ads like bacon that say “Let’s get up early and eat protein” by those who say breakfast is important.

Do we need to have breakfast?

The answer depends on your convenience. Those who do not have breakfast regularly do not have to worry that their health will not stand it because our bodies can bear skipping meals better than we thought. A man’s body can bear skipping meals for 16 hours and a woman’s body can bear it for 14 hours without any adverse effects.

History route of breakfast

  • The 13th Century: Breakfast was a sin. Eating breakfast was equal to the weak, poor, and greedy. The elderly, children and the sick are exceptions. The breakfasts in that era were beer, low-alcohol wine, rye bread, and cheese without meat.

  • The 15th Century: Breakfast became more popular and meat began to be found in breakfast.

  • The 16th Century: People began to drink tea and coffee. It is not considered a sin because it is not food but drink.

  • The 18th century: Had a heavy breakfast.

  • In 1878, Granola appeared, which resulted in other cereal following.

  • In 1944, the commercial “Breakfast is the best meal of the day” appeared.

What is your opinion about this article? Are you enjoying it? It looks like having breakfast is a belief and tradition. However, a good meal is to eat something useful. A good breakfast should be a high-protein and easy-to-digest food such as cereals, cheese, milk, eggs, fish, chicken, green leaf vegetables, nuts, etc. Hope you guys take good care of yourself.

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