When whales drown dead

Ocean or a large sea is a home for many big and small sea creatures, including whales, big animals of the sea. How come that gigantic whales would drown and die in their own home? Today, ACU PAY will introduce the cause of whales’ death and some knowledge about whales to you. If you’re ready, let’s start!

A story of Whales

Whale or Pla Wan (Whale Fish) that Thais often call them is a large fish-like animal and has a home in the sea or ocean. The whale is a warm-blooded animal that gives live birth, feeds on milk, and has a placenta. Its tail is horizontal, not vertical like fish. The whale also sleeps vertically and when sleeping, the whale’s brain is only half-activated to make it easier to go above the water surface and breathe.

Why are whales called Pla Wan (whale fish) when they are not fish?

Biologically, whales are not fish but whale fish (Pla Wan) is a specific name in Thai in the Royal Academy Dictionary. The word Pla wan (whale fish) consists of two words; Pla (fish) means that it is a term used to refer to cold-blooded aquatic animals with a backbone. The body consists of the head, torso, and tail. There are two chambers of the heart, it breathes through gills, and the body is covered with scales, mucus, or bone plates. It moves by using fins and body muscles, and Wan (whale) which means big or beast (Westerners believe that whales are beasts, according to Greek mythology). When these two words are combined, it means a big fish. In Thai, we often refer to many aquatic animals as fish even though they are not fish such as starfish, squid, dolphins, and dugong.

Why do whales drown and die?

Besides whales, dolphins, seals, and sea lions can drown because these animals use their lungs to breathe. Thus, suffocation can occur if they get caught under ice or trawl, but it rarely happens because whales hold their breath for as long as 88 minutes or an hour and 28 minutes.

Another reason that can make whales drown is because whales enter a place where a brilliant hunter like the killer whale lives. This killer whale usually hunts in teams like wolves. They will chase the whales until they can’t come up and breathe on the surface. Then, the whales will choke on water and sink. The killer whale will use this rhythm to eventually crush the whales.

Due to this point , the 16th century people used it for hunting. The hunter would tie a rope to a harpoon and shoot at the whale. When the whale was shot, it dived away, but when the whale came up to breathe again, the hunter used this rhythm to stab the whale with a harpoon until it died.

Are you guys having fun reading whale stories? Did you know that in the 16 centuries, whales were being hunted heavily because people needed “oil” from whales to be used as fuel in the industries. In some countries, whales are hunted for food, but some countries hunt whales because of tradition as well. If any of you have interesting information about whales, leave a comment to recommend us.

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