Take a look at Thais’ Online Behaviors from Digital Stat & Insight 2024

ACU PAY will take everyone to look at Thai people’s online behaviors from Digital Stat & Insight 2024. The survey found that the internet users proportion in Thailand in January 2024 is approximately 63.21 million people, accounting for 88% of the population (71.85 million people). This reflects the rapid growth of the Digital World in Thailand. The following are the additional details on this matter.



Let’s start with the Thais’ internet usage behaviors spending 7.58 hours per day, reducing from last year when Thai people spent their time on the Internet at around 8.06 hours per day. This year’s average internet usage time is 6.40 hours per day. People use the Internet on smartphones the most at 5.2 hours and 2.56 hours on computers or tablets.

The Thais’ media consumption behavior in the Digital World is changing. The most consumed media is content streaming at 3.23 hours per day, followed by social media at 2.31 hours per day, and news (both online and publication) at 2.20 hours per day. However, the thing that people do the least is listen to the radio where people only spend 43 minutes on this platform, reducing by 9.9% from 2023.

The main reasons why Thais use the Internet

5 Main factors that turn us to use the Internet are as follows

  1. To search for information
  2. To catch up with news and trends
  3. To consume entertainment media such as videos, series, or films
  4. To seek for inspiration
  5. To search for how to do things

The most used search engine by Thais is Google with 98%

Social Media

In Thailand, the number of social media users is around 49.10 million, accounting for 68.33% of the population, which is an increase of only 1 million accounts from 2023. Nevertheless, according to the report, the total number of accounts does not mean the number of users in the type of one user per account because the information is gathered from many sources. 

Thai people averagely spend 2.31 hours a day on social media platforms and use approximately 6.7 platforms a month.

Gen Y is the group that uses social media the most

Most Internet users are among the GenY people aged 25 to 34 who are working age. This group of people is multicultural and can access the Internet at a very young age, so they have an understanding of using social media. They usually reveal their identity and tell stories about themselves on social media. In terms of marketing, direct advertising is quite not persuasive to this group, but the influencers and friend group has a great influence on them in buying goods and services. They always do some research before purchasing.

The most popular platform for Thai people is still Facebook at 91.5%, followed by Line (90.5%), TikTok (83.0%), Facebook Messenger (81.5%), and Instagram (64.5%)  

In terms of Thai people’s most favorite social media, Facebook is the most favored social media at 33.4%, followed by TikTok (28.5%), and Line (14.4%.) However, the web traffic that is carried from social media the most is X or Twitter at 74.1%, while Facebook accounts for 16.6% and YouTube at 3.5%.

The main reasons why Thais use social media

The first reason why Thai people use social media is “to communicate with people around them,” followed by “to catch up with news and trends,” and the third reason is “to get rid of boredom in their free time.” This shows that Thai people usually use social media in their free time.

TikTok is the second most popular social media after YouTube

Apart from YouTube which is the most long-form content platform that broke the record of the most-used application by Thai people in 2024, the second most popular platform that comes after YouTube is TikTok which is a short-form content platform.


Facebook is still the most popular platform with the number of users at 49.1 accounts and the rate of advertisement access that covers 68.3% of Thai people. If assessed from the basis of those who can access the Internet, advertisements on Facebook can access Thai people at around 77.7% throughout the country.


In terms of YouTube, the report found that advertisements can reach 44.2 million users, and a rate of advertising access at 61.5% of the Thai population, increasing by 0.7% from last year and accounting for 69.9% when compared to the total number of Internet users. 


Another application favored by the Thai people. Advertisements can reach 44.3 million Thai users, accounting for 61.8% of the Thai population, increasing by 10.2% or more than 4 million people from last year. TikTok is considered the second most popular social media after Facebook where advertisements can reach target groups the most.


Advertisements on Instagram can reach 18.75 million users, accounting for 26.1% of the total population. (An increase of 8.1% or 1.4 million people) For Instagram, it can be seen that advertisements can reach the female group at 35.7% which is more than the male group at 25.4%. This is one of the rapidly growing platforms from 2023 in the aspect of advertisement.

X (Twitter)

Advertisements on X (Twitter) reached 14.68 million users, accounting for 20.4% of the country’s population, increasing by 0.6% or about 83,000 people.

All of this is just a summary of some of the reports on Thai internet behavior. Read more from the DIGITAL 2024: THAILAND

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