Hoorey! Over 7 years old cars can do Online Car Tax Renewal.

No more Queuing. No more day-off from work to renew car tax for those who have an over 7 years old car. You can renew car tax on the online platform which is faster, easier and more convenient, but you still need your vehicle to be inspected. Today we are going to show you about the steps and process of online car tax renewal.

Beside the gas expenses, car and motorcycle owners have to pay for tax renewing every year. It might take you for a day to do tax renewing because there are many processes. You need to get the car inspection certificate and get the queue for car tax renewal. Some might have to go to the Department of Land Transport themselves. Online Car Tax Renewing is easy but you need to follow these conditions;

  • You need to have your car inspected before the tax renewal. You can get your car inspected at Private Vehicle Inspection Station.
  • The overdue of the tax must not exceed 1 year.
  • The car does not use any gas fuel.
  • Cars in every province need to be in normal condition. There’s no suspension of license plates or cars aren’t suspended.
  • Cars that do not get tax allowance or the government vehicle.
  • Car tax renewal can be paid early for 3 months or not exceed 90 days.

The important thing before online tax renewal is car inspection. The cars over 7 years, counted on the date the car was registered or got the white license plate, go to check the car at Private Vehicle Inspection Station first. Prepare the license book or copy of a license book for inspection and send it to the Department of Land Transport. The inspection must match the right standard. After the inspection,  report the results of the vehicle inspection as required by the Department of Land Transport to the owner of the vehicle. The verified data will automatically be sent to the Department of Land Transport.

Steps to do Online Car Tax Renewal.

  1. Enter E-service on the Department of Land Transport website or click this link (https://eservice.dlt.go.th/esvapp/login.jsf)
  2. For non-member, select “register new member”
  3. Fill in the ID Card Information, set password, current location for sending documents, mobile phone number, email address and select “save”
  4. After registration, fill in the ID number and password. A user can be used for more than 1 person just adding information about different cars.
  5. Select “Car Tax Payment” then click “Online Car Tax Payment”
  6. Fill in registration information which is about the general of the car, province, number then select register.
  7. Fill in an act of legislation. In case you buy it already, select “Have” if you do not buy it, you can buy it online.
  8. Fill in the location for sending the document. Select how to pay which you can choose to pay via credit card, bank or counter. Click “OK”
  9. Check the validity of the information then select “Confirm” 
  10. After the payment, the Department of Land Transport will send the receipt, a tax sign and an act of legislation, in case you buy it, within 3-5 days.

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