Top 10 Foreign Stocks with the highest turnover!

A stock hold lover should not miss this content! Today we will present to you about the investment as an option for those who want to buy a stock. We will talk about “Top 10 Foreign Stocks with the highest turnover!” Let’s take a look at each stock and the relevance of each one.

From 6-9 December 2022, Thai Stock Market has the trading value at 211,883.94 million baht. The Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) Index closed at 1,623.13 points which is decrease for 1.12% from last week which closed at 1641.63 point

  • Net selling of Foreign Investors is 5,148.29 million baht
  • Net buying of the Securities Firm is 1,607.30 million baht
  • Net selling of Institutional Investor is 1,047.17 million baht
  • Net buying of Domestic Retail Investor is 4,588.16 million baht

There is a consideration about the purchase of NVDR accounts to be another option for foreign investors to buy Thai stocks. Let’s move on to Top 10 Foreign Stocks. Which has the highest turnover and what is each of them. 

BANPU (Net buying value is 542.73 million baht)

It is a stock of Banpu Public Company Limited which was established for 10 years. The largest coal producer and distributor in Thailand. The company runs 3 business groups; energy business, energy technology business, and energy production business.

ITC (Net buying value is 178.03 million baht)

It is a stock of I-Tail Corporation Public Company Limited. It operates the production and distribution of cat and dog food and snacks business which have the highest income ranked in the 1st in Thailand and in the top 10 of the world.

ADVANC (Net buying value is 140.91 million baht)

It is a stock of Advanced Info Service Public Company Limited. The company runs mobile phone services, which is called AIS. The main 3 businesses are  mobile services, broadband Internet access, and digital services.

KCE (Net buying value is 118.12 million baht)

It is a stock of KCE Electronics Public Company Limited. The company runs the manufacture and distribution of electronic circuit printed sheets business, which are epoxy Glass sheets with conductive media such as lead, copper and coated. The main customers are automotive parts and electronic equipment manufacturers, telecommunications equipment manufacturers, computers or manufacturers of industrial equipment, medical equipment, and consumer products. Most of the products are exported to other countries around the world such as Europe, the United States and Asia.

OR (Net buying value is 79.98 million baht)

It is a stock of PTT Oil and Retail Business Public Company Limited. The company runs businesses like oil, retail, coffee shops, Amazon cafes that we’re familiar with, and so on.

Here are the last top 5 which has the highest turnover

  1. SIRI (Net buying value is 77.75 million baht)
  2. BH (Net buying value is 67.31 million baht)
  3. CPN (Net buying value is 66.18 million baht)
  4. CBG (Net buying value is 61.26 million baht)
  5. MAKRO (Net buying value is 56.96 million baht)

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