How to dress appropriately when we are in a temple.

      One of the most obvious signs of respect for a place is to dress modestly and behave yourself. Since the temple is a sacred place, it is important to dress properly. Let’s see what we should do and what should not be done when going to the temple.

5 rules on how to dress appropriately at the temple.

  1. Dress modestly and appropriately to show respect for the place.
  2. Dress in light, simple clothing. or dressed in white clothes or light tones, smooth without flashy patterns or colors.
  3. Should dress modestly. should not wear clothes with see-through fabrics, sheer, thin, until the bra is clearly visible. should wear a shirt that is not deeply concave and clothes that are not too loose or too tight. To make it easier to prostrate and meditate, it is best to wear long sleeves, long pants, or a skirt that covers your knees.
  4. Women should avoid using makeup or too much makeup, whether it’s eyebrows, lips, or nails that are too dark. If you want to wear makeup, it’s better to use light or natural makeup.
  5. For women, avoid wearing clothing that reveals the body. Especially around the chest, shoulders, and knees. For women, avoid wearing clothing that reveals the body. Especially around the chest, shoulders, and knees. The clothes that should not be worn in the temple include camisoles, crop tops, sleeveless shirts, bandeau tops, shorts that are too high above the knee, too short skirts above the knees, skirts with front slits or back slits, and pants with torn fabrics.

How to behave

  1. Take off your shoes and place them on the shoe rack before going inside.
  2. Be humble in action, speech, and thought; be restrained in action, speech, and thought; and be mindful of manners and etiquette. When entering the temple area
  3. Mute your phone to prevent it from disturbing others who come to make merit, pray, meditate, or engage in religious activities.
  4. Keep quiet and do not talk or make a loud noise when in front of the temple or entering the temple grounds. especially inside the ubosot because there may be people who are praying or meditating.
  5. Keep it clean and tidy. by throwing away waste in the right place.
  6. should show respect to the Buddha image and the monks with respect and humility.
  7. Do not take photos in prohibited places. and take photos only where permitted. If there is no sign prohibiting you from taking pictures, you can take pictures.
  8. Strictly follow the rules of the temple.
  9. Help maintain or restore archaeological sites and antiquities inside the temple by donating money or repairing items.
  10. Take a photo of the Buddha statue modestly. If you want to take a picture with the Buddha image, you should be in a calm, polite, and respectful manner.

What should not be done?

  1. Smoking and drugs are prohibited.

    Smoking and using drugs of any kind are prohibited inside the temple to honor the place and respect Buddhism.

  2. Do not write, destroy, or steal anything.

    Do not damage, destroy or steal any property within the temple, such as walls, Buddha statues, or antiques.

  3. Do not step over the threshold.

    When entering the temple, do not step on the threshold. because it is believed to help prevent evil from entering. It is also where the gatekeeper resides.

  4. Do not take photos of others doing religious activities.

    Do not take photos of other people making merit, praying, meditating, or participating in religious activities. because it is not authorized and violates the privacy of others.

  5. Do not sit and climb the archaeological site inside the temple.

    because it may cause damage to that archaeological site.

  6. Do not sit with your feet pointing towards the monk.

    When in the Ubosot, do not sit with your feet pointing towards the Buddha image and monks. Sit on your knees or sit cross-legged without your feet pointing towards a monk or others.

  7. Do not show inappropriate behavior.

    Within the temple, inappropriate behavior is prohibited, especially in excessive or obscene displays of affection.

  8. Do not bring anything inappropriate into the temple.

    Gambling equipment, narcotics, and alcoholic beverages of all kinds are prohibited inside the temple.

  9. Don’t kill animals.

    Do not kill animals, shoot birds, or fish, or quarrel because the temple is a sanctuary area.

When we know the etiquette of visiting Thai temples, both should and shouldn’t, don’t forget to apply them as well.