How to manage yourself when you feel stressed

For people who are stressed, and anxious, whether it is work-related stress or surrounding stress, some may have good ways to relieve stress, but for others, there is no way to find a solution that makes the stress accumulate and results in unconscious depression. Today, we will present a way to manage yourself when you feel stress in ACU PAY style so that you can follow.

What is stress?

Stress is a state of emotion or feelings that are constricted by the pressure of themselves and people around them, including high expectations for life or stress from loss. At present, stress is very common in all genders and ages. It is expressed physically or mentally, such as some people who get sick easily, some people can’t sleep or some people are frustrated. As mentioned, some people may have a way to cope, but others, they may not know what to do. The stress, if badly managed, can result in accumulated stress and change to depression or anxiety disorder.

How to Manage Stress "Physically"

1. Take enough rest

The solution to stress that many people do is “sleep,” rest and forget about the past. Sleeping will lighten our mood or disappear after waking up. Maybe take yourself out to a quiet place, whether it’s the sea or nature like Khao Yai, etc., so that you can stay with yourself and review what happened.

2. Exercise

It’s another way to relieve stress without violence, destroying things and it is not bad either. Not only does stress go down, but our health is getting better. Anyone who gets stressed because of love is recommended to follow this, or it could be some other kind of stress.

3. Massage

It’s another form of relaxation that helps blood circulation. Relax your muscles to feel comfortable until you forget about stress or lighten up. Stress is often associated with our bodies. When the body is good, the stress will decrease.

How to Manage Stress "Mentally"

1. Meditation

It’s calming our minds to be on our own without thinking. Changes the focus from stress to meditation. Set your breath in and out with 4 seconds of breathing technique, hold your breath for 7 seconds, and release your breath for 8 seconds. It will also help your mind and blood circulation.

2. Humor

You can find a good movie, series or listen to relaxing music, laugh, or go to friends and invite them out for fun activities such as shopping and games.

Stress can occur anytime and also affect both physically and mentally. Anyone who is experiencing anxiety may try the method mentioned above. The duration of each person to relieve the stress is different, some people may immediately relieve stress, but some may take time.

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