Introducing Heartwarming Young-Adult Fictional Book

It is normal that we cannot get everything we want. Sometimes we are happy, sometimes we have to deal with problems or bad events that inevitably happen to us. We can do nothing but live with it. However, believe in yourself that you can overcome it eventually.

Today, ACU PAY has a heartwarming young-adult fictional book named ‘Wonder’ that would like you to try reading it.

Wonder is a story told through characters like August Pullman, a boy who connects with people around him. Therefore, it leads to stories that make us smile, laugh and cry. This book has made readers change their perspective on life and also gives them positive power.

Wonderful Life Story of Wonder

We’re all amazing and unique. August Pullman’s magical life is not the story of a sorcerer, but the story of an elementary school boy who was born with facial abnormalities and had to undergo 27 surgeries so that he could live like a normal person as much as possible.

But then one day, the principal came to his home and said that August would go to school just like the others. This led August to take off his astronaut hat and start spending his first time in school with other children. He met both understanding friends and friends who thought he was ugly.

Inspiration of the author of Wonder

R.J. Palacio, the author of Young-Adult Fictional Book ‘Wonder’, was an art director and cover designer until one day she realized that for over 20 years now, it’s time to get up and write her own book.

Her first young-adult fiction was inspired by a real event. When she took her youngest son to an ice cream shop, the son cried fearfully when he met a girl with an unusual face inside the shop.

She, fearing that her son’s crying might make the girl feel bad, rushed her child out of the shop and spilled the milkshake. While she was in a trance, the girl’s mother said softly:

“That’s fine Ma’am. Alright sweetheart, I think it’s time to go home now”

That sentence made her think that the action was most disappointing and that she thought she should teach her children to understand the difference and behave better toward others, and that night she began writing young-adult fiction.

Mercy and love will heal everything. That’s the realization of reading this book. It’s a book that gives many things to readers, including empathy, and preservation of the feelings of people around us. It is a book for all ages and genders.

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