Strange behaviors of Dogs

Have dog owners ever faced weird behaviors of dogs that you cannot understand what your dogs want to tell you such as smelling other dogs’ butts, biting on their own tails, or running abruptly for no reason? If you want to know what those behaviors mean, ACU PAY will explain it to you.

1. Suddenly run for no reason

People who raise dogs may experience a sudden run without any causes and don’t understand why the dogs are so high-spirited.

This behavior is called “zoomies” It is one of the actions that dogs do to release their energy kept inside of them. This action will happen to dogs with good health and happiness only. 

Thus, there is no need to worry if dogs are suddenly run for no reason because it is very common. However, dog owners may have to be careful about safety and things at the places that the dogs usually run. 

2. Bite on their own tails


It is very common that dogs will bite their tails in a circle out of excitement. Nevertheless, if dogs bite their tails too often, it may be a sign that dogs have Obsessive compulsive disorder.

Or stress and anxiety when they are left alone, or they do not exercise enough which causes too much energy inside their bodies. In addition, tail biting behavior can come from an environment where the tail is exposed, such as fleas, fungi, or some allergy to some chemicals used in the home.

3. เอียงหัวตอนฟังเสียงเราพูด

Have your dogs ever tilted their head as if they are paying a lot of attention while listening to us? It is a cute action that dog owners cannot resist. In fact, tilting their head is not just about cuteness. 

There is research saying that dogs tilting their heads is one of the behaviors that make them listen to the sound and see better. It also improves the eyes of the dog to see more clearly. This is how dogs express themselves. It’s the body language of dogs that want to let us know that they are listening or interested in what we are saying. If they didn’t love us, they wouldn’t have listened.

4. Butts smelling means Hello!

When dogs see unfamiliar animals, the first thing they do is smelling others’ butts. Do not panic if you see other dogs smelling your dogs’ butts because it is the body language which means Hi. 

In less than 1 minute, the first dog will know all the history of the other dog, including gender, mood, reproductive status, or social status just by smelling the butt.

5. Eating their poop

Another behavior that makes dog’s owners shocked is dogs eating their own poop. There are many reasons that can cause this behavior, including the causes from nature, health abnormality and nurturing. 

Eating their own poop usually happens to puppies and this behavior will disappear when they grow up, it can be caused by insufficient nutrition, including stress from inappropriate nurturing, or being locked up in a small and dirty place.

6. Twitch leg or barking while sleeping

Have you ever observed your dogs when they are sleeping? Their legs may twitch or bark sometimes. These actions show that they are having dreams just like humans when we sleepwalk. 

Experts say that if we observe the dogs’ sleep, their eyes will move around even though the eyelids are closed, indicating that the dogs are in a deep REM sleep state.

Even so, seizures can occur while sleeping, observed from the body tense, stiff, and severe twitching. If your dogs have symptoms like this, you should immediately take your dogs to the vet.

7. Hold their feeding bowl with their mouth

Many dogs like to carry their feeding bowls in their mouths to another place in the house before eating. This behavior is caused by instinct to protect valuable resources, they will store their feeding bowls in a safe place to prevent food theft. 

Experts say that if dogs behave like this and the owners smile or laugh at what they do, they will think that what they do is right and continue to behave that way until it becomes a habit.

8. Bestride on others

Many times, this behavior is mistaken in that our dogs have a desire to reproduce, but actually, this behavior can occur for all dogs regardless of gender, age, whether the same gender or different.

This bestride can occur due to many factors. First, the dogs want to show that they are superior. It’s a behavior used to show the status of the pack or sometimes this behavior is a type of stress relief or represents an extreme feeling of euphoria as well.

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