Delectable Diners at The One Ratchada Market, a hit market in Ratchada area

Finally, the market behind the Esplanade Mall comes back to life again. This time it comes back with a new name, “The One Ratchada Market.” This time it brings together new and unique diners which have both food and dessert. The atmosphere is good and it is convenient to come to the market because it is located not so far from MRT Thailand Cultural Center Station. If you have no idea where to go after work, we would like to recommend this market. Today, we will present to you diners that you must try once you go to the market. Let’s start!

5 ways to have Glass Skin! Trend of having a skin as clear as a glass

Current beauty trend is not focused on makeup but it focuses more on applying skin care products and taking care of your skin regularly to maintain a healthy, clear skin without thick make-up. The most popular skin trend is Glass Skin. Glass Skin not only nourishes the skin but also provides deep nourishment and care to make it as clear and strong as a mirror. Today, ACU PAY will give you 5 ways to have a glass skin. Even when you wear no makeup, you still look beautiful.

Ine Fishing Village in Japan! Let’s take a rest and experience the waterfront lifestyle.

Japan is a country that many people love. If you have once visited there, you will come to this country again. The more often you visit, the more interesting things that never get boring. Anyone who gets bored of shopping, going on the trail of famous shops or buying popular food at the landmarks of Japan, ACU PAY would like to recommend Ine Fishing Villages in Kyoto. This place will make you take a break from busy working to experience the life of the waterfront to the fullest.

Pinned! 5 Dog Cafe in Bangkok for animal lovers

Last time, ACU recommended 5 Cat Cafe in Bangkok. So, let’s move to a cafe for dog lovers which is as popular as a cat cafe. Today, ACU will present 5 Dog Cafe in Bangkok for everyone. Animal lovers should not miss it!

Let’s get to know Holding Company

Normally, most companies earn their income from selling goods or services, however, there is one business structure that does not operate any goods and services manufacturing but still earn income from being the holders of shares in other companies. This structure is called ‘Holding Company’ ACU PAY will summarize details of the Holding company for you.