5 ways to have Glass Skin! Trend of having a skin as clear as a glass

Current beauty trend is not focused on makeup but it focuses more on applying skin care products and taking care of your skin regularly to maintain a healthy, clear skin without thick make-up. The most popular skin trend is Glass Skin. Glass Skin not only nourishes the skin but also provides deep nourishment and care to make it as clear and strong as a mirror. Today, ACU PAY will give you 5 ways to have a glass skin. Even when you wear no makeup, you still look beautiful.

5 tips to have Glass Skin

Wash your face with Double Cleansing Technique

The beginning of Glass Skin is to cleanse and wash your face clearly as clean skin will be fully nourished. To have good skin, you need to pay extra attention to washing your face. Double cleansing techniques are recommended that you clean up dirt completely from the skin. It starts with an oil-based remover to remove makeup, grease, and dirt from the skin first Then, using cleansing foam suitable for each person’s skin condition, then washing again. It will clean up even dirt in your pores.

Shred the skin cells to remove the dull skin.

Facial washing is only a matter of cleaning the outer skin, but if you go down to the pore level, you have to scrub your face along with washing your face. It removes dry skin cells, dead skin cells or dirt that remain on the surface after cleaning. It can also reduce pore congestion and reduce the possibility of acne. Those who want to have mirror-like skin should shed their facial cells twice or three times a week to remove old skin cells from their pores and stimulate the creation of new, brighter, and stronger skin cells.

Use toner to prepare the skin for nourishment.

A step that everyone hardly pays attention to when it comes to skin care is using toner. Some people see it as complicated and add more useless steps. In fact, toner isa great help to improve skin conditions, balance the pH of the skin, and also helps to improve skin care in the next step which can be absorbed better into the skin. We should choose toner to suit our skin conditions. The toner cleans up any residual dirt from washing your face and helps to improve skin conditions before applying moisturizing cream.

Applying moisturizer to have glowing skin.

Glass Skin focuses on hydration, glossy skin, moisturizing, and adding water to the skin with moisturizer is a must. It is essential to apply moisturizer every day to keep your skin moisturized, hydrated, and look more healthy. When the skin is moisturized and not dehydrated, it will make it look more radiant. The important thing is to choose a proper moisturizer for your skin condition. Each texture is suitable for the skin conditions of the individual. To maximize efficiency, moisturizer should be chosen to suit the skin conditions.

Lock moisturization by Facial Mask.

Glass skin is to have strong skin, as strong as a mirror. Thus, the skin must be nourished at a deep level.  A facial mask is a step of deep nourishment which helps in brightening the skin, keeping the skin hydrated, softening the skin, and making your skin flexible. More importantly, it also helps to make pores smaller. Facial Masking procedures are recommended to refrigerate the mask and mask your face a few times a week for 10-20 minutes each time. This will help reduce facial pores and increase moisture. You can apply facial cream before the mask and when the mask is finished, followed by moisturizing cream again. Your skin will look more moist and hydrated.

Hope you enjoy about 5 ways to have a glass akin that ACU PAY presents to you today. They are easy ways to follow and do it at home. But if you want to be a Glass skin girl, you have to choose the products that suit your skin and take care of them thoroughly. Being a Glass Skin girl is not beyond your reach.

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