Ine Fishing Village in Japan! Let’s take a rest and experience the waterfront lifestyle.

Japan is a country that many people love. If you have once visited there, you will come to this country again. The more often you visit, the more interesting things that never get boring. Anyone who gets bored of shopping, going on the trail of famous shops or buying popular food at the landmarks of Japan, ACU PAY would like to recommend Ine Fishing Villages in Kyoto. This place will make you take a break from busy working to experience the life of the waterfront to the fullest.

The mentioned Fishing village is called Ine Funaya. It’s a fishing village with a population of about 1,800 people. It is a small village on the edge of the bay in northern Kyoto. Originally, it was a famous village for fishing, but nowadays, there is not as much fishing as before, so it has been converted into a tourist attraction. It is also a conservation village that retains the beauty of traditional wooden houses “Funaya” which have the lower house of the house or under-house as a marina and the upper floor will be a resident place. Most of the houses are on the waterfront bay for quick sailing to fish. When we take a look from afar, it looks like a floating village with a mountain behind it. 

Around the village, you can see that some houses open as restaurants, some are cafes, others are open for tourists to go inside or even some are open as homestays for tourists to experience fishermen’s lives in the calm atmosphere.

For those who are afraid that they will be lonely and have no activities to do, fear that they will be too calm, there is no need to be afraid because there are so many activities to do. Whether it’s a cruise to Ine Bay that we will experience a nearby boathouse closely or cycle around the village with bicycle loan points and tourist maps available. For those who are real leisure people, find a cute cafe to sit in and reap the good atmosphere. Including the taste of fresh seafood, original taste, saying it’s worth it!! 

However, Ine Fishing Village is a village where there are still people living and working in real occupations. This is therefore not a specific tourist destination. Therefore, if you have the opportunity to visit this place, you must first understand and respect the rules of the community, park your bicycles at certain points, and not encroach too much on private areas. 

For the trip to Ine fishing village, it is quite far from Amanohashidate and Kyoto City. As a result, anyone who plans to visit here needs to plan well because it takes a lot of time to travel but not all of them are complicated.

If you want to change the atmosphere of Kyoto travel differently, “Ine Fishing Village” is the best answer. If you have time, please feel free to experience the waterfront lifestyle.

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