Pinned! 5 Dog Cafe in Bangkok for animal lovers

Last time, ACU recommended 5 Cat Cafe in Bangkok. So, let’s move to a cafe for dog lovers which is as popular as a cat cafe. Today, ACU will present 5 Dog Cafe in Bangkok for everyone. Animal lovers should not miss it!

Let’s start with Corgi in the garden, a paradise for corgi lovers which is located in Kanlapaphruek area. It’s a famous cafe with an army of more than ten corgis! You will love it for sure. The atmosphere in the cafe is chilly and relaxing. This cafe serves both food and desserts as well as beverages which have a corgi picture as a logo on the glass. So adorable! The cafe will be open in a round. Customers have to pay 350 baht per person and get 1 drink for free and 450 baht per person to get  1 drink and 1 cake for free in exchange to play with corgi for 1 hour per 1 round. However, you have to make a reservation beforehand because each round can accommodate a limited number of customers.

Dogs in Town Ari which is located in Soi Ari is as popular as the first cafe. There are a lot of dog breeds in this cafe and each of them are so playful and clingy. It is not open in a round, no time limit and need not to make a reservation! You can come anytime as you would like. The entry fee is only 350 baht and you get 1 drink free and an entry fee free for kids under 2 years old. Apart from playing with dogs, there are so many lovely places for you to take a picture. 

TrueLove at Neverland is a Siberian Husky cafe. The decoration of the cafe is sylvan which is surrounded by trees. It separates the dining zone and the playing with dog zone proportionally. Husky lovers would love this cafe. The entry fee is 350 baht with 1 drink for free. Apart from being a dog cafe, this place has been a Siberian Husky farm for more than 10 years.

Let’s continue with a dog kingdom like Dog Country Cafe which is located in the Phutthamonthon area. It’s a cafe that brings together different breeds of dogs, from small to large. Besides the dog’s zone, there is also a zone for cats, rabbits, goats, sheep, and exotic animals like chameleons. The cafe is divided into 4 zones, the entrance fee for 1 zone is 199 baht with free drinks and 299 baht fee for all zone entry with free drinks. Anyone who wants to fill yourself with the cuteness of animals should come to this cafe.

Let’s finish with Bangkok Dog Cafe, a multi-species competitive dog farm cafe which is located in Bang Khae. The cafe is decorated in Tropical theme. All of these dogs are world-class contestants with a price tag of 100,000, but the entry fee is only 199 baht. Inside the cafe, the dining zone and the dog zone are clearly separated. There are iced drinks, coffee, soda, Thai food, and international food, as well as Isan food, also cute photo angles.

Hope you appreciate these 5 dog cafes. If you go to cafes and want to play with dogs or cats, do not forget to wash your hands both before and after playing with them. 

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