Delectable Diners at The One Ratchada Market, a hit market in Ratchada area

Finally, the market behind the Esplanade Mall comes back to life again. This time it comes back with a new name, “The One Ratchada Market.” This time it brings together new and unique diners which have both food and dessert. The atmosphere is good and it is convenient to come to the market because it is located not so far from MRT Thailand Cultural Center Station. If you have no idea where to go after work, we would like to recommend this market. Today, we will present to you diners that you must try once you go to the market. Let’s start!


Wanwaan is a school bus Milo which is contained in a tank just like we used to drink as a kid. It comes in both iced and smoothies and you can add toppings as well. The starting price is just 45 baht. Anyone who misses the taste of school Milo has to try!

2. Raberd Leng

Let’s continue with Raberd Leng which serves hot, tender and easy to eat leng with spicy and sour clear soup. There are 3 sizes; M, L and XXL. Anyone who loves Leng Zaap should come and try at this diner.

3. Sushi Nalon

You may have to stand still at the front of this shop for a while since you can’t decide which sushi you would like to eat. There are more than 60 faces of sushi for you to choose from. The starting price is only 10 baht per piece.

4. Bobo Shabu

A popular shabu shop with a Korean street food vibe. There are 3 sets of shabu for you which are Set A (Kurobuta pork neck), Set B (Sliced Kurobuta pork bacon) and Set C (Ribeye)

5. Big Guy Burger – Bistro & Home

Burgers shop which not only sells burgers but also spaghettis, sausages and snacks. Each menu comes from a selection of very high-quality ingredients, and most importantly, every freshly baked burger dough is its recipe. The starting price is 89 baht

6. I TiM Yimwhan

Homemade gelato ice cream shops use ingredients following seasonal fruits to make ice cream as well. The ice cream menu here is definitely unique because the taste depends on the fruit of that season. They are available in mango, strawberry, lemon, vanilla, coconut, and signature dishes such as “Cho Jae Young”.

7. Chicken & Waffles Bkk

This restaurant serves fried chicken and waffles. The restaurant’s menu is a very good combination. It is available in burgers-waffles and other fried chicken rice dishes such as sour-cream chicken rice which is considered the best-selling dish of the diner.

8. Doughnut box

Let’s move on to the Doughnut box where you can pick the flavor of the doughnuts as preference. There are many flavors such as Strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, green tea, chocolate, Orio, peanut butter and vanilla. Each doughnut is full of flavor filling and you would love it. The starting price is only 5 baht.

9. โกโก้แรด

It’s sweet, sticky, strong, fragrant, and mellow cocoa. Three levels of intensity can be selected: starter, so sweet, and super sweet. You can order as you prefer. The starting price is 45 baht.

10. Hello ไอติมเผา

Frozen ice cream covered with marshmallows has a wide selection of flavors and toppings. One scoop of ice cream can add up to four toppings. It’s smooth from marshmallows and cool from ice cream which is a perfect combination.

Each diner sounds so tasty and has a wide variety of menus to choose from. It’s a great place which is full of delicious diners. You should not miss it.

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