Money saving techniques in Teen shopper style

Are you shoppings lovers who are facing these kinds of problems right now? Every time you get a salary, this is the time when you want to exercise your skills and have glittering eyes. You want to buy things, especially during the promotions at the beginning of the month like 11.11 or 12.12, the promotion that makes the money flow out of your pocket and there are hardly any savings.

If you are dealing with this kind of problem, you will definitely have remaining money for savings next time because ACU PAY will tell you techniques on savings which are suitable for shopping lovers. How to do shopping and also have remaining money for savings. Let’s start!


Each person has a different need. Since we have a limited budget, we can’t buy everything at the same time, the best way to do this is to prioritize starting by writing down everything that we think is necessary, with the price of each piece, and see how much money we have, then choose which one to be purchased first and later.

This method will help you determine if the money in your savings account is ready to pay for the item. If there is not enough money, you may wait to buy it next time or wait for it to be discounted, which may be lower than the general sale price. Moreover, this method can also be used to plan future financing for your expenses to determine what expenses we have and how much you have to pay for.

Distinguish what to buy as 'need' or 'want'

We all have things that we need and want, and the distinction between what we need and what we want will help us control our financial budgets.If you want to buy a pair of shoes worth 6,000 baht, if you want to wear them once or twice, these shoes would be something you want, but if you buy them and wear them every day and intend to not buy more until the shoes are worn out, and the money you have is enough to buy, this will be considered as something you need.

Savings before shopping

Make a habit of saving every time, whether by transferring 10 – 50% of the money spent on shopping expenses to an account or piggy bank. For example, if you buy 1,000 baht online, transfer 10 – 50% or 100 – 500 baht to your savings account immediately. When we see the money in the account reduced, you will do less shopping.

This saving method ensures that we can allocate some of our money for future use regularly and not spend all of our money extravagantly till we run out of money, and can save some money for emergencies.

Limit the shopping budget

For those salarymen who like to spend money and cannot make ends meet, try limiting the shopping budget to 20 – 30% of the salary. For example, a monthly salary of 15,000 baht, and a shopping budget should be set at 3,000 – 4,500 baht. Then buy what is considered to be the most desired item within this budget. If the item is still very expensive, save it for a few months until you reach the amount and then spend it. You can save a lot of money with this method of saving, or if the daily budget is complicated and you may forget to pick it up in the morning, try making a weekly budget.

Know the rule of 50/30/20

You can’t give up on buying that item because you really want it. If this is the case, ACU PAY recommends another technique for shoppers who have something they want but don’t have enough money to buy. Even if it takes a little time to get what they want, they can get it without incurring debt.

This technique is called 50/30/20

  • 20% Saving
  • 30% Want
  • 50% Need

It’s a way to plan our finances so that we can save money. It can be adjusted depending on the style of individual spending. For example, if you’re a shopper, you’ll separate your money for shopping at 30%, but if you feel it is too much, you can reduce it by 10-20%  and add the remaining in the savings part instead. That’s it and we will become a healthy shopper who can make ends meet.

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