(Not) Secret Code; Meaning of numbers in Chinese

There are a variety of communication forms in many languages. Some forms or languages are specifically used in a certain group and some languages are not widespreadly used yet. Today, ACU PAY will introduce you to a numerical language of the Chinese that can be used to express important meanings such as ‘I love you’, ‘Let’s break up’, or ‘Good bye’. It is very famous among Chinese teenagers. If you are ready, let’s go!

Why can the number in Chinese express its meaning?

The reason why the numbers in Chinese are used as a specific language is because of the homophone principle in Chinese that can use the sound of each number to create words or phrases such as the number 520- wu er ling stands for 我爱你 (wo ai ni) I love You, or 360-san liu ling stands for 想念你 (xiang nian ni) I Miss You.

1925你依旧爱我Do you still love me?
4551你是我唯一You are my number one
456你我的You are mine
66你来了Here you are
748你去死吧Get lost
833576你别生气了Please don’t mad at me
95你找我I look for you
98你走吧Please go
12825你爱不爱我Do you love me?
1372一相情愿Only one side who wish
1392010一生就爱你一人This life only loves you
1414意思意思Used when give gifts to express kindness
145692你是我的是爱You are the one I love the most
1474要死去死Want to die? Go die
1487你是白痴 You are an idiot
1711一心一意 Only love you
18056你不理我啦Do you not care for me anymore?
20609爱你到永久Always love you
21475爱你是幸福Loving you is happy
230爱上你I fall in love with you
234爱相随Love each other
246饿死了I’m starving!
360想念你Miss you
3344生生世世Every lives
3399长长久久As long as possible
319421想你就是爱你Miss you cuz I love you
3113想你生Miss you for the rest of my life
32169想爱你很久Wish to love you as long as possible
456是我啦Is it me?
441295谢谢你爱过我Thanks that you used to love me 
4422335时时刻刻想想我Miss you all the time
510我依你I rely on you
555呜呜呜Imitate the crying sound
566我哭了I’m crying
5201314我爱你生一世I love you for all my life
596我走了I’m leaving
520我爱你I love you
530我想你I miss you
58晚安Good night
609到永久Till forever
775亲亲我Give me a kiss
70345请你相信我Please trust me
740气死你You’re really frustrating
780牵挂你Worried about you
729去喝酒Shall we have a drink?
756辛苦了Thank you for your hard work
898分手吧Let’s break up
886拜拜拉Goodbye, i’m leaving
825别爱我Please don’t love me
85帮我Help me
8006不理你了I don’t care about you anymore
860不留你I won’t hold you back
837别生气Please don’t be mad
98早安Good morning
95求我Help me!
918加油吧Keep fighting!
921就爱你 Cuz I love you

What is your opinion about this content? There are a lot of numerical codes for you to choose from, including to express love, nostalgia or greeting. In addition to Chinese, the numbers in English can be used to convey meaning as well. If you know the numbers that convey the meaning that ACU Pay hasn’t shown you yet, you can recommend them in the comment section.

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