Red beans, a token of nostalgia

If a smile refers to happiness, a rose refers to love, tear refers to sadness, today, ACU PAY will take everyone to know the symbol of nostalgia which is red bean. Why is red beans used to be a symbol of nostalgia? ACU Pay will tell you.

Love legend of red bean

There is a legend that a long time ago, a couple had to part because the men were drafted into the military to fight at the border. Every day her wife would sit and wait for her husband under a big tree on the mountain. Lovingly thinking about him, she would weep under the big tree every day from dawn till dusk until her tears became blood. Tears of blood drop to the ground, grow trees, and the tree grows into red bean sprouts. Therefore, red beans (豆红) are a symbol of love and nostalgia.

A poem of nostalgia




Red bean sprouts grow in the south, spring comes, sprouting branches.

I hope you pick up more beans, because they represent the “nostalgia”

The above poem is called 相思 “Xiang Shi”, which means “Nostalgia”, or another meaning is thinking of you. It is the poem written by Wang Wei (王维), a famous poet of the Tang Dynasty. In this poem, there is a meaning that represents the change of time that lasts long until the season changes and the nostalgia starts to occur. Therefore, Wang Wei wrote this poem for his beloved friend “Li Gui Nian” who traveled far to the South to express their thoughts.

A song of nostalgia

The song Xiang Si Dou (相思豆),” or the name Beans misses you that everyone is familiar with is a song influenced by Wang Wei’s poem. The song goes back to the day of one’s sage with a friend in memory. When he passed through the jewelry store and saw a tiny red, bean-like ruby which was reminiscent of the days when they were young and happiness was still nourishing in their hearts. Although it’s a long time, it is still another song that is beautiful and heartfelt. This song can be searched on YouTube.

Belief, red beans, and the past

Belief in the past, red beans were auspicious and valuable. In addition to being used to show young people’s love, it is also used in auspicious events such as weddings. The bride wears an ornament made of red beans to show that the bride and groom have matching hearts. After marriage, the couple often put six prayed red beans under their pillows for their love to last forever.

At present, red beans have been made into various ornaments to give to loved ones, which are very popular in southern China. Also, red beans can be used to represent family or friends’ nostalgia, only they are not as popular as they are used to express the nostalgia of lovers.

Everything seems to have an expiration date and will be weakened, but the longer the time is, the more the nostalgia works. ACU PAY believes we all have someone in his heart that we want to give these red beans. If you do not yet dare give it to that person, let ACU PAY do it for you. Just simply click ‘share’ this post with them and let the article of nostalgia work for you.

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