Psychology to Know!! That’s what customers like

In any business, it’s important to let customers know and see our business and what we can do is content!! Good content can win customers’ hearts and attract them to buy our goods and services. Today we have psychology around us, whether they are beliefs, attitudes, or ideas that make content accessible unconsciously. Let’s see what kind of content is liked by your customers and they will buy it!

Psyhology to make great content!

One of the marketing activities is content creation because content helps increase sales and build brand recognition. Content is information that tells about brands, businesses, and other details. It can tell stories through letters, photos, videos, and sounds and is now considered an online marketing tool.

  1. Color: In the psychology of color, color can stimulate vision, and clarity and it can be used in communication as well. For example, red represents promotions, discounts or messages to be seen; green represents comfort, accuracy, and safety. Choosing the right color to make the right content will encourage customers to shop.
  2. Premium products: Only here or there are a few pieces, with the psychology of something that looks very premium, it’s rare and lacking to make customers want more. In addition, it can be applied to the content so that customers or target groups can follow more.
  3. Things that is intrend: What’s popular, or what people who are interested in should be doing as content right away. It is connecting it in one direction because there are people who care about the trend and get attention from those who don’t want to miss it.
  4. Social proof: It provides content about brand information or statistics, reviews usage to create a more reliable brand image, and plays a role in decision-making.
  5. Halo Effect: It’s a mental mechanism that lets us know whether we’re hearing, seeing, reading things before or called “familiarity,” but it doesn’t have to be deeply understood. Making familiar content close to the target audience will help attract many customers.
  6. Opinion exchanging: It is to talk with the target group to exchange opinions and use that opinion to create content to meet the target group’s needs. It will help customers feel good and valued while also giving their hearts to the brand or business.

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