What will happen if the body gets dehydrated?

Often forgetting to drink water is not normal because our body will lose 2.5 liters of water per day through sweat, breath and excretion. “Water” is very important to our body. People who do not like to drink water often should read this content because it will not only affect your health but also the beauty and skin will be affected as well. Let’s see what is going to happen if we get dehydrated and how to get started to fix it.

Causes of dehydration

  • Too little water intake: Normally, people need at least 2 liters of water a day or 8 glasses of water a day.
  • Water loss from exercise or in a hot place that makes you sweat more than usual.
  • An upset stomach and vomit which will make the body lack water and mineral salt.
  • Drinking alcohol or some drugs causes the body to expel more water than usual.

Warning signs when dehydration occur

  1. Weight gain: When we drink less water, the kidneys work harder and the liver, which normally acts to burn fat in the body, has to work instead of kidneys which results in reduced metabolism and increases hunger and more food intake.
  2. Dry lips: Water helps in moisturizing and it’s clear that if we lack a lot of water, it will result in dry lips, no matter how much lip gloss is applied. Anyone with symptoms like this should know that the body has dehydration.
  3. Fatigue: You may think that you are sleeping well enough, but still feel that you are not sleeping to the fullest. The body is not alert and tired. This may be due to a lack of water because water transports oxygen to the bloodstream and nourishes the body. When dehydrated, it thickens the blood, resulting in fatigue, and no energy.
  4. Headache: Sometimes headaches often occur without finding the source, or you have a headache with every movement you make, you should know that you are going into dehydration because our brain is 80 percent water, and if we don’t have water enough, the tissue in our brain will lack the moisture and get contraction which will give us headaches. 
  5. Abnormal excretion: Lack of water will cause constipation because there is no bowel stimulation. Even if you choose to eat a lot of fiber food, if you don’t drink water, your intestines don’t work well and it also causes urination disorders.

Tricks how to drink water regularly

  • Set an alarm for drinking water during the day. A large bottle or glass of water of approximately 2 liters should be placed next to you at all times
  • Choose foods that mainly contain water. This will increase the intake of water, but you may also need to be careful about sodium.

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