10 camping sites near Bangkok, close to nature.

    Nature will heal everything. Sleeping next to nature. Experience the slow living lifestyle. Today we have 10 places to camp near Bangkok, close to nature, for those who want to sleep in a tent and leave everything behind, take a rest, and enjoy the atmosphere.

1. Campfire Cafe Khao Yai, Nakhon Ratchasima.

Location: 444 Thanaratch Road, Moo Si Subdistrict, Pak Chong District, Nakhon Ratchasima Province.

      A tent yard, with both accommodation and a cafe, answers the needs of glamping people who want to come close to nature. but still want to be comfortable with the delightful atmosphere of the river flowing through. There is a peaceful place surrounded by big trees. And there is a large cafe restaurant serving food and beverages. It also has a bathroom and complete facilities. It is so good, how can you resist?

Campfire Cafe Khao Yai แคมป์ไฟ คาเฟ่ เขาใหญ่
Photo by : Campfire Cafe Khao Yai แคมป์ไฟ คาเฟ่ เขาใหญ่
instagram campfirecafekhaoyai
ขอบคุณรูปจาก : Campfire Cafe Khao Yai แคมป์ไฟ คาเฟ่ เขาใหญ่

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2. Wang Bon Reservoir, Nakhon Nayok

Location: Moo. 7, Ban Wang Bon, Na Hin Lat Subdistrict, Bang Phli District, Nakhon Nayok Province.


    A camping place that meets the needs of people who want to be chilling by the river, with a good atmosphere, quiet, a spacious area, looks comfortable, and privacy. Plus, there are lots of activities to do. Enjoy the beauty of nature by going for a walk, taking photos, kayaking, swimming in waterfalls, fishing, or cycling. Bathrooms and showers are available, so you don’t have to worry about the toilet. and grocery and food outlets are available as well.


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3. Kra Tom Noi Koi Rak, Khlong Maduea, Nakhon Nayok

Location: Along the Khlong Maduea Waterfall, Khlong 2, Sarika Subdistrict, Mueang Nakhon Nayok District, Nakhon Nayok Province.

Photo by : คลองมะเดื่อ นครนายก กระท่อมน้อยคอยรัก

     This place is for anyone who likes adventure because a small car can’t get in. Because to go through the path, you have to drive across the canal. You should have a high-lift truck or a car with a 4-wheel drive system, but if you don’t have it, there are cars for rent. Here it uses electricity from solar cells. and use a mountain water supply. There is no phone signal. Bedding must be prepared. Bring your kitchen utensils for picnics. If you want to escape the hustle and bustle and be cut off from the outside world, Recommended here.

ขอบคุณรูปจาก : คลองมะเดื่อ นครนายก กระท่อมน้อยคอยรัก

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4. Rabbit Campsite, Kanchanaburi

Location: 241 Moo 3, Chorakhe Phueak Subdistrict, Dan Makham Tia District, Kanchanaburi province.

Photo by : กระต่ายกินเนื้อ ลานกางเต๊นท์ กาญจนบุรี

    A place for camping under the big tree, next to the Kwai Noi River. The atmosphere is very beautiful, shady, simple, surrounded by trees, cool, very spacious, and private. People are limited to staying in order not to cause overcrowding. There are toilets, shower rooms, grills, and dishwashing points to provide convenience. And those who have pets can bring their pets to stay with them, but they need to be taken care of so that they don’t disturb others. Anyone who wants to come must reserve in advance.

กระต่ายกินเนื้อ ลานกางเต๊นท์
ขอบคุณรูปจาก : กระต่ายกินเนื้อ ลานกางเต๊นท์ กาญจนบุรี

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5. Ban Rai OZONE Camping, Saraburi

Location: 44/1 Village Moo. 5, Ban Cha Om, Kaeng Khoi District, Saraburi Province.

Photo by : บ้านไร่ OZONE แคมป์ปิ้ง สระบุรี

    It is another place that is suitable for camping because the atmosphere is very good at Ban Rai OZONE Camping Saraburi. Everyone who comes here says that the atmosphere is very refreshing. Whether you look left, right, or anywhere, there is only beautiful nature. It is a place that makes them want to wake up in the morning to get a good view so much that they want to take it back.

บ้านไร่ OZONE แคมป์ปิ้ง สระบุรี

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6.Farm & Ford Camping and Chilling, Saraburi

Location: 298 Karen Khom Ma Village, Moo 3, Cha Om Subdistrict, Kaeng Khoi District, Saraburi Province.

Photo by : https://www.facebook.com/farmandfordcampingandchilling

      Miss the forest, miss the mountain, miss him. Don’t you miss me? At the camping with a chill and cool atmosphere. Among the greenery, mountains, streams, and waterfalls at Farm & Ford Camping and Chilling, a camping ground in Saraburi province. It’s cool, like its name! Who wants to go camping and chill and see beautiful nature? It is another place that is very suitable. Plus, there is a stream where we can dip our legs in the water and feel nature. The indispensable thing in camping is Moo Kata. You can order Moo Kata to eat by pre-ordering it at the accommodation.

ขอบคุณรูปจาก : https://www.facebook.com/farmandfordcampingandchilling

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7. SWT Landcamp, Nakhon Pathom

Location: Moo 1, Nong Din Daeng Subdistrict, Mueang Nakhon Pathom District, Nakhon Pathom Province.

Photo by : https://www.instagram.com/swtlandcamp/

    A camping ground in Nakhon Pathom province, “SWT Landcamp”, is not just a tent site. There are cafés, tents for those who don’t want to pitch a tent, and water activities are also available. It is very suitable for those who are just starting in the industry or as a place to practice before pitching a tent in the actual forest. Another highlight of this place is the clean bathroom and Moo kata to enjoy the camping.

ขอบคุณรูปจาก : https://www.instagram.com/swtlandcamp/

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  • On weekdays, it costs 350 baht/person. On Friday, Saturday, and public holidays, it costs 400 baht/person.
  • For the Camp Cabin Lake View room, on weekdays, it costs 1,400 baht; on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and public holidays, it costs 1,900 baht.
  • Instagram: swtlandcamp
  • Facebook: SWT Landcamp
  • Google map: Click


8. Patonggo, Kanchanaburi

Location: Somdet Charoen Subdistrict, Nong Prue District, Kanchanaburi, 71220

Photo by : https://www.facebook.com/patongocamping/photos/?ref=page_internal

      There are both camping grounds and dome tents available for those who do not want to pitch their tents. Plus, it’s not far from Bangkok. Just a few hours’ drive to Kanchanaburi, you will reach “PATONGO CAMPING”, very cool camping ground with a good atmosphere next to a reservoir. A full range of activities to do for free, including sup board, kayak, bicycle, and rafting. They also have ATV vehicles for rent. The atmosphere is very good and there are activities to do, one of which should not be missed!

ขอบคุณรูปจาก : https://www.facebook.com/patongocamping/photos/?ref=page_internal

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  • Weekdays cost 300 baht per night/person
  • Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (public holidays) costs 350 baht/night/per person
  • Children under 10 years old cost 100 baht per person.
  • Dome tent on weekdays costs 2500 baht/night (2 persons)
  • Dome tent on public holidays, Friday, Saturday, Sunday costs 2900 baht/night (2 persons) and extra bed costs 600 baht/person/night
  • ATV costs 400 baht per 30 minutes
  • Website: https://www.patongocamping.com
  • Facebook: Patongko
  • Google map: Click


9. Makham camp, Saraburi

Location: 144, Moo. 9, Ban Bueng Thong Lang, Cha Om Subdistrict, Kaeng Khoi District, Saraburi Province.

มะขามแคมป์ สระบุรี
Photo by : มะขามแคมป์ สระบุรี

    A private small tent site. You can lie down and feel the sound of water flowing from nature here at Makham Camp, Saraburi. This place is well taken care of so that people who come to camp can get comfortable and relax with a good atmosphere and a cool breeze all year round, plus there is strong WIFI for us to upload beautiful photos as well.

ขอบคุณรูปจาก : มะขามแคมป์ สระบุรี

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  • 150 baht/night/person 
  • Rent a large waterfront pavilion. You can pitch a tent on the pavilion for 200 baht/night/tent.
  • Facebook: Tamarind Camp
  • Google map: Click

10. Mahad-Thaitara Home stay, Ratchaburi.

Location: 285 Village No. 4, Ban Bueng Subdistrict, Ban Kha District, Ratchaburi Province

มะหาด-ไทธารา โฮมสเตย์ Mahad-Thaitara Home Stay
Photo by : มะหาด-ไทธารา โฮมสเตย์ (Mahad-Thaitara Home Stay)

    The last place is Mahad-Thaitara Home Stay, a tent site in Ratchaburi Province, which is a perfect place to relax for nature lovers like us. There are both camping grounds and lodges. And the highlight of this place is a very good view. Whoever went there, almost wanted to wrap it up, put it in a bag and go home. Plus, there is a stream from Huai Tha Koei Reservoir where you can go down for a walk, take pictures, and chill. If you want to pitch a tent or relax, this is another place that should be on your travel list.

มะหาด-ไทธารา โฮมสเตย์ Mahad-Thaitara Home Stay
ขอบคุณรูปจาก : มะหาด-ไทธารา โฮมสเตย์ (Mahad-Thaitara Home Stay)

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  • Price: – The camping fee is 150 baht per person.

  • Rooms start at 700 baht.

  • House starting price 1,050 baht

*This price does not include breakfast and is a promotion during COVID-19.

Each place has different rules. Don’t forget to study it thoroughly before going. But what should be done is not to litter, to maintain a beautiful environment, and not to do activities that disturb others.