Can pregnant women drink “Coconut water”?

There is a belief saying that “Drinking coconut water while being pregnant can lead to miscarriage” or “Drinking coconut water will make your baby have a clear fair skin” It is quite paradoxical that pregnant women can drink coconut water or not. ACU PAY will be the representative to find the facts about this, including finding the benefits of drinking coconut water.

Coconut is a popular fruit with its sweet, mellow, and juicy taste, along with coconut meat. It is also a popular fruit to eat on the beach. However, there is still a lot of belief in coconut water, both good and bad. Let’s see what beliefs are there about coconut water.

  • Do not drink coconut water or eat any food made from coconut while having a period such as Coconut Ice-cream. Many will say that coconuts contain estrogen, which thickens the walls of the uterus and causes more compression which leads to abdominal pain more than usual during menstruation, or worse, shock! In fact, coconuts contain very small amounts of estrogen. In conclusion, coconut water can be consumed during menstruation, but it should not be too much.
  • Drinking coconut water while being pregnant will make the baby have fair skin is not true. The skin color depends on genetics. The genes that control the expression of melanin or pigment will cause people to be born with different skin colors, including environmental conditions. For example, getting too much UV light can cause skin problems or darken the skin, or lotion can make it white.
  • Drinking coconut water while being pregnant will make the baby have no vernix caseosa. Usually, vernix caseosa occurs at the beginning of five months of pregnancy to help moisturize the skin and prevent heat and bacteria. It is also a lubricant that makes it easier to give birth. Drinking coconut water which has both saturated and unsaturated fats will give the baby vernix caseosa, but only because it’s cleaner in color. Usually, when the pregnancy is due, those vernix caseosa will begin to decrease.
  • Drinking coconut water while being pregnant can lead to miscarriage. As mentioned, coconuts contain very small amounts of estrogen so it will not cause the uterus to compress until they miscarriage, but coconut water has a sodium content that’s not suitable for people with pregnancy poisoning.

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