Exercise Channel to do during long weekend

Do not waste your time doing nothing during long holidays, especially on New Year holidays. Don’t let yourself get fat by eating all day. For anyone who wants to exercise properly, ACU would like to recommend sweaty workout channels which are also enjoyable to lose weight. Anyone who wants to have more muscle or lose some weight can choose to subscribe to that channel as your preference.

Popular Exercise Channels.

1.BEBE FIT ROUTINE: There is nobody who doesn’t know Bebe, net-idol and actress who start to do an exercise channel. She can adapt any trend that is viral at that moment to her exercise style. There is a time that people on the internet platform comments until the hashtag #วงการเบเบ้เข้าแล้วออกเลย (#once you get in Bebe’s field,you leave immediately). Bebe tries to adapt her exercise style to being only on the sofa to convince people to exercise. At present, the total number of followers of the BEBE FIT ROUTINE Channel is 1.32 million and increasing continuously.

2. The Fitness Marshall: Recommended for anyone who loves dancing. It is a channel for everyone to enjoy fun music and dance along with exercise or Cardio Dance. You can enjoy while burning calories with new and popular songs that this channel redesign the dance to be easy to follow. At present, the followers of The Fitness Marshall is 4.37 millions.

3. Yoga With Adriene: Anyone who loves to do relaxing exercise like yoga should subscribe to this channel. You can slowly follow the exercise for 20-30 minutes. You can do it by yourself at home with a variety of classes of yoga such as breathing control exercises, anxiety-relieving yoga, yoga on that day of the month, or yoga for specific pain relief. The current followers of Yoga With Adriene is 11.5 millions. 


4. Booky HealthyWorld: This channel is owned by a Thai girl who wants to share her weight loss experience in an inappropriate way and a proper way of exercise to lose weight which results in a firm body of hers. In addition, Khun Book, the owner of Booky HealthyWorld channel, has a website to educate people about how to eat foods, snacks and fruits and tips to lose weight and get firm. Booky HealthyWorld has 9.09 followers.


5.April Han: This channel is perfect for anyone who wants to do exercise for a specific part of the body such as arm, thighs, abs. Anyone who wants to reduce the body’s proportion has to do it for 7-10 days in a row. Right now the number of followers of April Han Channel is 2.87 millions.

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