Get to know Mixue, famous Chinese Ice-cream & milk tea brand

There might be no one who has never heard of Mixue, a famous Ice-cream and milk tea brand from China, which is very popular in Thailand at the moment. The Highlight of Mixue is the cheap price of ice-cream and milk tea. It also has a very cute and unique mascot of the brand. Today, ACU PAY will take you to know more about Mixue. If you’re ready, let’s go!

Mixue was first marketed in Thailand in 2022, there was the first branch in front of Ramkhamhaeng University, with “Mixue (Thailand) Co., Ltd.” overseeing all franchisees in Thailand. Then, the famous ice cream brand gradually opened a new branch.

Until the middle of 2023, Mixue chose to pin the Siam Square branch in the city center, making it more popular. Recently, it has opened a new branch in the Banthat Thong area with customers from children to students with affordable prices and high quantities to create a new customer base in a short time.

The beginning of Mixue

Mixue business was established in 1997 by “Zhang Hongzhao” in Zhengzhou city, Henan. He saw the opportunity to start a Shaved Ice Dessert business while he was a senior year student. He opened his first store after graduation with initial funding of only 4,000 yuan (around 20,000 baht) and he was supported by his grandmother. The main products in the store are shaved ice dessert, ice cream, and smoothies before expanding to sell milk tea menus. Later, the name Mixue Ping Cheng was used as the shop name, meaning “ice castle built with sweet snow”.

The business began to grow, then there was a turning point in 2006 when there was a new trend of soft-serve ice cream which was very popular in China but the price was also high. He then began selling “Soft serving ice cream” for 2 yuan (about 10 baht), which is very cheap compared to others in the market who sold at 10 yuan (about 50 baht) until he could sell in a landslide and expand the franchise quickly. 

In 2007, the turning point that made the business of ‘Zhang Hongzhao’ grow by leaps and bounds was the sales of Mixue franchises. It started selling franchises domestically and began selling overseas in 2018. Nowadays, Mixue has more than 22,500 stores covering 31 provinces and autonomous regions of China and opened its first overseas branch outside China in Vietnam in 2018. Later, an overseas branch was opened in Indonesia in 2020. Currently, Mixue has more than 1,000 overseas stores in Southeast Asia, including in the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia.

Mixue strategies

Mixue success is caused by many factors. The first factor is the importance of production costs. Hongzhao has created “Saving to Size” to control the cost of production to suit the cost, along with developing a central kitchen system and its own transportation and supply chain. The second is the unique brand creation. Mixue has launched a new logo called “Snow King,” a cute snow doll that designs characters to like dancing. It comes with a hit commercial song that has more than 17 billion views on Douin, causing it to be popularized in the Chinese market.

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